• Cash Back Travel Booking

    "Cha-Ching" pays you back to travel

  • Luxury Resorts

    Massive discounts on 3,4,& 5 star luxury resorts

  • My Fun Trips!

    Huge discounts off Packaged Trips & Cruises

What Is “My Fun Life”

My Fun Life is a simple and powerful new idea that will make life a lot more fun for a lot of people, possibly millions. My Fun Life is an app company whose first mobile phone app is ‘My Fun Travel’. This app and website enables people to purchase travel at great discounts, as well as pay you back money for every booking!

My Fun Travel is the first of 10 apps the company has plans to release over the next several months. Their business model and price point is revolutionizing the way business is done online, creating unique opportunities for people to flourish.

The booking component of My Fun Travel is called ‘Cha-Ching’! It is called Cha-Ching because after you book travel, you get a rebate on that booking. Cha-Ching is powered by Travelocity, so you know you are going to get the lowest fares available on all aspects of travel bookings. However, in addition, due to the way the company is structured, the ‘middle man’ fee paid to travel agencies when travel is booked is rebated back to the person who booked the travel, further reducing the cost.

My Fun Condos and My Fun Trips are other components of My Fun Travel, and these give you access to worldwide luxury condos and unique luxury trips at wholesale pricing. You need to see these discounts to believe them.

How To Become A Member Of My Fun Life

If you want to become a member of My Fun Life, simply >> CLICK HERE << to reserve your spot. You will be notified immediately on how to get started.

Massive Discounts On Luxury Condos and Rentals

Through contracts with worldwide property owners My Fun Life is able to get massive discounts on 3, 4, and 5 star luxury time-share properties around the world, and these savings are passed on to the consumer.

Commissions On Travel Bookings

The service is free for anyone to use. However, you can become a member of My Fun Life for $21/month. Becoming a member enables you to earn money in many ways. One way is getting a commission on all travel booked through your website. Yet that is not where the big income potential lies with being part of My Fun Life.

Income Potential

The income potential is explained in detail on the “Opportunity” page. However, by becoming a member, you can get paid for your efforts to share this with others, and also by the efforts of many others as well. There is a network of people that is tied to you that creates potentially massive leverage that in turn can pay very significant monthly incomes, all by simply sharing this with others.

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